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Concept Renders Show Off Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: The Upcoming smart Phone of Samsung will be Foldable Phone. The Dutch website Nieuwemobiel has Given us An Idea of what the New Smart Phone will Look like through Concept Renders.

The New Awesome Smartphone has been reportedly named as A Samsung Galaxy X. There are rumors of  it being Called as Samsung Galaxy F. The named was canceled Phone With F For Folding.

The Distributors have been Created and designed based on the last schematics & the Patents filed by Samsung for New Folding Awesome SmartPhones & these are displayed in All Positions.

As Good As It Gets

This means that the distributors are as True to the Special Models as Possible.

Let’s have a Look at the last Concept of Distributors the When they are going to release by the Dutch Website and It’s Partner Jonas Dahnert.

Concept Renders Show Off Samsung’s Foldable Phone

The handset well be officially Introduced by the Korean Giant Samsung Galaxy in January at the CES 2019…

They told that the Phone will not fold Fully  nonetheless the Patents filed by Samsung Galaxy did show the Smartphone folding flat. 

The back of the Phone will be Like the New Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This does not mean that the new Samsung  upcoming smartphones shill also sport that design.

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That is confirm that the new Upcoming Smartphone of Samsung will have Dual cameras on Front & back. 

The recently report from Samsung said that the Fingerprint sensor will be on the back. The resolution of The Smartphone will be 1440 x 3360.

The capacity of battery will be from 4000 to 6000 mah. Everyone is waiting for this Smartphone. The handset Agreement to be a stepping stone for Samsung Galaxy to capitalize further on the new Foldable Awesome Smartphones market.