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Update Your PUBG  It is one of the top games around the globe it has always been a fun game where people band together to have some fun.

In its recent update, 7.2 PUBG PC has brought highly requested Ranked mode into the game where Each player will be able to fight for ranks Plus the new update will also bring some balance changes, bots, and many more things.

5 Rank Tiers of PUBG

  • Bronze
  • silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

In these five rank tiers, players will compete with each other and the winner of the game gains some kind of Rank Points (RP).

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In addition to Players will receive an adjustment to their RP based on their performance in a Match.

Rewards By Winning Rank Points

At the End of each month, there will be many rewards for those players who will receive high RP. These rewards will be unique and it is only accessible through Rank Points.

The Updated version of the PUBG 7.2 will also bring Bots into Play as well. Plus Bots opponents will now appear in simple game modes so that the low-level players can practice, improve, and get the hang of the game easier than it was before.

If your skills are tough enough these bots will be designed to look less once your skill increases.

Changes of Weapon and Armor

In the updated version of PUBG, there are so many other changes for weapons and armor, UI tweaks, sound changes, and more.

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