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Polish V-logger Attempts First Ever Real Plane Version of Kiki Challenge and Lands PIA into Deep Trouble: Yikes! A very New Video was recorded by Eva Zu Beck While taking the Kiki Challenge on Aircraft Pia Has touch down the airline into a very big trouble.

Eva Zu Beck is a Brilliance Vlogger who Insult to attempt the brilliant Kiki Challenge on the Airplane. The Planet trotter was seen dancing inside the Aircraft  Before Impending out of the plan to complete the Kiki Challenge.

You can see all the action in the small video Clip Below:

Directly After PIA declared on it’s Twitter Profile that Polish Vlogger Eva Zu Beck shill be celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day like at no time before. NAB Took Notice of the Attempt.

A Agent NAB called the attempt An insult to the national flag & misuse of national Shipper By a foreigner Notice had been issued to the COO to Analyze his Position.

A Video Clip Received Mixed reaction on the Social Media. The logger took to Facebook to analyze what actually happened with her.

You can watch the video clip over here:

Eva Zu Beck Not Analyzed what happened with her. But also opened up about how affected she is with the beauty of Pakistan and the excitement of it’s people. Eva Zu Beck Also Expressed her intent to examine more areas of Pakistan vlog about it.


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