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Tecno as of late propelled the Camon 12 Discuss smartphone, which isn’t as it were reasonable but greatly strong as well.

The company sent the gadget over to Pakpeek for a toughness test and we have altogether torment tried the phone.

Drop Test

The gadget was dropped from take tallness at to begin with and get no harm at all, not indeed a single scratch. At that point came chest tallness and head stature drops, with Camon 12 Discuss acing the tests unscathed with the touchscreen working regularly.

Be that as it may, it did get a few scratches after we dropped it whereas standing on beat of a chair, be that as it may, the touchscreen was still fine.

Afterward, we hurled the phone from the best of a three-story building. It has gotten more scratches and was somewhat bowed out of shape, but that was approximately the degree of the harm, The touchscreen still worked regularly.

Car Crash Test Because Why Not

At last, to wrap up things off, we took the phone through one of the foremost frightful toughness tests. The gadget was smashed beneath a car, which smashed the phone’s camera focal point.

The rest of the body took no more harm than a slight flex. It was at that point put upside down and pulverized once more, which at last broken the phone’s screen.

The back, be that as it mayremained the same with the as it were harm being the crushed camera lens.

It is exceedingly likely that Tecno Portable utilized a really intense plastic outline to ensure the Camon 12 Discuss from splitting or shattering. In any case, the phone is one of the hardest we’ve seen and Tecno ought to unquestionably be lauded for Camon 12 Air’s strength.

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