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As we know that Facebook is now the owner of three huge companies, It has owned Instagram and Whatsapp, Facebook has a new Logo and We know that the new logo won’t take the place of existing logo.

Chief Marketing Officer Antonio Lucio said that People should know which companies make the products they use, And he also added that We are introducing a new company logo Plus we are going to distinguishing the Facebook company From the app of Fb it will be branding on its own.

Social Media  

Facebook has been used by billions of people around the Globe, In the corporate parent of Facebook several other social media has been used, The corporate that Facebook owns is Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus, And as we know that the social media service Also named Facebook.

Why Facebook announced The New Logo?

Facebook’s chief promoting officer, Antonio Lucio, said within the company’s web journal post uncovering the modern symbol:

“We’re overhauling our company branding to be clearer around the items that come from Facebook. We’re presenting a modern company symbol and encourage recognizing the Facebook company from the Facebook app, which can keep its claim branding.” He included that “individuals ought to know which companies make the items they utilize.” 

The new Facebook logo in WhatsApp

Facebook prior this year begun unequivocally noticing its possession of administrations like Instagram and WhatsApp in an offered to be more straightforward with individuals who might not be mindful of which tech companies possess what administrations.

The new Facebook corporate logo as it appears within Instagram

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