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Quetta is one of the most advanced city of Baluchistan, which has several universities, colleges, businesses and industries situated apart from all of these things Quetta is backward in Technology that makes it ranked worse than other major cities of Pakistan.

Quettawal probably has the potential to build high businesses, Schools and Industries to grow the economy of Pakistan; by the way Baluchistan is the richest province of Pakistan with tons of minerals in the land.

Quettawal is focusing on English and not thinking about Technology, now it’s fine to study English and learn and speak them, but it is much far better to dig into Technology because it’s the future that technology will be used all over the world and yet we are using it in our daily life.

What I mean by learning Technology is to attend the classes of Information & Technology, Not only I am recommending you to learn but also when you learned those skills you can easily get jobs from any high paying company your desire job.

There are many guys like Mark Zuckerberg who just created a Facebook late in 20s while he was in University, that company is now worth billion dollars. You can to create a company by learning programming, web development, and other major skills in IT.

In technology it is not only about learning and then getting the job, you can easily become blogger, youtuber and publish your content online and generate thousands of dollars per day or per month.

Why Am I Recommending These? It’s because it’s my duty to guide you, because I am living in same Quetta, I know the situations, so, it all depends upon us to make our city the most important for Pakistan and the world.

In our society we are only taught to become Doctor, Engineering, Lawyer, etc. These are the major occupation that every parent has for their kids, but wait that’s not only the case they are forced to do these degrees to become one. Let me tell you if you think of the richest people in the world they all are from IT (Information & Technology) or From Businesses Real Estate. You won’t find the richest man as a Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer. If you do know one please comment his biography, we would love to know about him/her.

First thing I must suggest every parent is to allow their kids to find their own passion so they can do what they want to do, if you force him, he won’t achieve things better, he might do it good but that will regret him his/her entire life.

Where Would You Learn These Skills? Well, you can easily learn online these skills or you can learn these skills from JahaSoft.Pk a top ranked company situated in Quetta. That provides tons of services few of these includes: Web Development & Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Content Writing etc.