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Why Wi-Fi Printer Is Not Working in (Windows 10): Hello, Everyone You now the reasons for Wi-Fi Printer Not Alive are Plentiful, Today i am going to share with you Guys that why Wi-Fi Printer is not Working in Windows 10 System.

Why Wi-Fi Printer Is Not Working in (Windows 10)

You will would Usually have handy the Driver bag To the Printer (Wi-Fi) In the Question. For that you have to Download from The Authoritative Website (Correct Driver). In the Case you Commitment It you shill Remember Just. The bag will not allow you always to Install and Uninstall your own Wi-Fi Printer Again.

The Printer Troubleshooter was build in Windows 10 too. Which will naturally scans for Problems while connecting with your own Wi-Fi Printer. For that you have to go Settings=>Devices=>Wi-Fi Printer And  Scanners then you have to Pick your own Wi-Fi Printer From The List. For that you must click to manage and Run the Printer Troubleshooter.

wifi printer not working windows 10 run troubleshooter

They are a lots of Wi-Fi Printer won’t Catch your own PC, Even If you don’t Put Their Wi-Fi Printer into Scanning Mode. The alter b/w Wi-Fi Printers, Although The Advice on the Small Screen on your Wifi Printer would have To (Scan, Search, Option Under) and go to Settings=> WiFi, Network, Similar.

Weather if your Wifi Printer does not have the Screen, For that you have to hold down the Button of Wi-Fi button on it, Til Your Wi-Fi Printer lights starts Flashing. You know that is Happening, After that you must go to your Own Printers and Scanners on your System, After that click to add a Printer and Scanner. Even if your own Wi-Fi Printer Appear, Then click on it and that will Automatically Connect.

wifi printer not working windows 10 add printer or scanner

You have to Print out the Information sheet on your Wi-Fi Printer, That will will done if you Press The (I) Button and Navigating to the Diagnostic and Printer Information that Option will be Available in Your Wi-Fi Screen. That will Display your Wi-Fi Printer’s IP Address.

If you have installed already WiFi Printer that has been working fine til now  Then that is Sudden Bankruptcy Would be down to a Clogged up Printer Spooler, That has been a Bias not to Clear itself up as It would.

If you want to Clear your Printer Spooler then for that open your Start menu, I would you to search for (Services) then Click Services when it Arrive.

wifi printer not working windows 10 services

In a very Fresh Window Scroll Down til you Ability The Printer Spooler and Right Click it and Click on Restart.

In your Computer if you have installed the WiFi Printer and It is working Good on your Network, Although Decline to connect to others. You will need to turn on Network Discovery on Your PC.

To do that Click the Start Button and  Type the Control Panel if you done it then that will Appears in The Results, Click the Network and Sharing Centre then change Advanced sharing Settings.

wifi printer not working turn on network discovery

First you have to sure that your network Discovery is on, Under that Private and Public or Guest” Settings then click to save the Changes.

As you know that IP Address for home network devices are Three Main Classes, Each of them are different from one another, In a very First Segment The main Classes are Class A (10.x.x.x), Class B (172.x.x.x) and Class C (192.x.x.x). You have might see your Own Printer’s IP Address under the (iPV4).

If you want to do that then your Printer IP Address will need to had the same main Three Segments in your PC IP Address (you can check your PC’s iPv4 address by entering ipconfig into command prompt). The Fourth Segment will be Different.

wifi printer not working ipv4 address

You will need to change your own Printer’s IP Address, If that doesn’t match.

If you want to Do this you will need to go (Printer and Scanners) After that click The Printer, Click to manage the Printer Properties=> Ports => Add Port.


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