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Wi-Fi 6 is the new-generation wireless standard that is now available, that’s faster than 802.11ac, More speed than the previous versions.

It will provide better performance in congested areas, from stadiums to your own device-packed home.

Wi-Fi Versions
Wi-Fi Versions

One of the big signs is that hardware is on the way! For example, Apple’s new iPhone 11 devices will support Wi-Fi 6 where it is launch on September 20. Wi-Fi 6 certification began on September 16, 2019.

Wi-Fi standards have also correctly started a certification program, It will automatically boost up the internet speed from 3.5Gbps to 9.6Gps.

Mr. Kevin Robinson says The director of Marketing for the Wi-Fi alliance “Today’s assumption scenario looks like yesterday’s dense deployment.”

If you look at today’s world everyone has more than one device, and many dozens of devices are just connected to one router and it will approximately slow down the internet speed.

Here are the New Versions Of Wi-Fi You’ll Be Seeing

  • Wi-Fi 4 is 802.11n, released in 2009.
  • Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac, released in 2014.
  • Wi-Fi 6 is the new version, also known as 802.11ax.

Older versions of Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi 1 would have been 802.11b, released in 1999.
  • Wi-Fi 2 would have been 802.11a, also released in 1999.
  • Wi-Fi 3 would have been 802.11g, released in 2003.

As stated by the company the figures that are arranged by, The speed of the internet will increase from 3.5Gbps to 9.6Gbps.

Actually what really matters that the improvisation in hardware will help us to get more internet speed than we usually have in our daily life?

The stunning news is that the brand new router supporting Wi-Fi6 is available in the market by Tp-Link, The bad news is that you will need both router and Smartphones to support Wi-Fi6.

Wi-Fi Versions

The brand new router supporting Wi-Fi6 is coming in a pack of two and it will cost you $349.99 to get the faster internet speed.

Now there are two smartPhones that are supporting the Wi-FI 6, The brand new Smartphone of Samsung (Note 10) will be the first device in the organization to be Wi-Fi6 certified.

And The brand new iPhone 11 series also supports Wi-Fi6 and has attracted much attention that it will work flawlessly if not certified.

“This is the first Alliance has named the Wi-Fi technology a version number, before this, they used to name it differently like 802.11ac. This time it was supposed to be named 802.11ac but instead, they named it Wi-Fi 6.”

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