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JazzCash presently underpins Payoneer, which could be a global installment portal utilized by consultants to get payments.

After the most recent overhaul, JazzCash presently offers simple connecting along with your Payoneer account, permitting you to immediately pull back stores to your versatile account.

It’s a hassle-free 3-step procedure hardly takes a few minutes to link the two accounts:

Step 1: On the homepage, click Payoneer.

Step 2: Click on ‘Link Account’ and it will redirect you to the Payoneer website.

Step 3: Use your Payoneer credentials including username and password to link the accounts.

You Can Now Withdraw Payoneer Funds Directly Into Your JazzCash Account (Pakpeek)
You Can Now Withdraw Payoneer Funds Directly Into Your Jazz Account (Pakpeek)

In case effectiveyou may get a pop-up notice from your Jazz app, informing you that your JazzCash account has been effectively enrolled with Payoneer.

What it implies is mere can presently exchange cash from your Payoneer straightforwardly to your JazzCash account which as well at an awfully great trade rate. Standard 2% exchange charges will be deducted from your reserves on each transaction.

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