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YouTube has been testing with its comment area for a whereas, The most current explore has moved the comment segment right following to the video depiction and as it were the beat three comments will be visible.

In arrange to see the entire comment segmentclients will got to press on it, Separated from this, the comment box will be obvious whereas watching the video. 

Thusclients will be able to drop comments in between the video as well, Within the current formatclients have to scroll down to the foot of the page to see the comments.

As the highlight rolls out, the maker of the video will be able to stick a comment so it shows up with the beat three comments beneath the depiction, Separated from this, comments with joins and more than 140 characters will not appear up within the beat 3 comments.

Google Said

We need to create it simpler for individuals watching videos to discover comments within the YouTube app without having to scroll through Up Next recordings, so we’re testing out a modern comment area that shows up specifically underneath the video.

The unused area will appear up to three comments, with a choice to see all comments while you continue to watch the video a bit like you’ll be able today, Before this, Google tested with covering up the comments through and through

You’ll as it saw the comments by looking over down the squeezing the button to open up the comment segment, This thought fizzled since clients consider comments as a fundamental portion of the seeing involvement and were not exceptionally upbeat with the alter.

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This is what it looks like, courtesy of DigitalInformationWorld:

This is what it looks like, courtesy of DigitalInformationWorld:
This is what it looks like, courtesy of DigitalInformationWorld: