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Zynn is a new short video app just like TikTok but the good thing about the zynn app is that you can earn money by inviting other people to the app.

The founder of this app is from China Right now its Trending in the US App Store Charts. People are calling the app as the best competitor of TikTok.

What Are the Similarities Between Zynn App and TikTok In Terms of Its Features?

  1. You Can make fantastic short videos
  2.  15-second video with a huge music library, cool stickers, and Funny effects.
  3.  Easily share with Facebook Instagram Snapchat Accounts with your Friends.
  4.  Connect To Like-minded People around the globe and increase your Fan following

How To Earn Money Using The App?

If you want to earn money from zynn there are simple steps you need to take.

  •  Every time you watch a video you get rewarded with some amount of money.
  •  You are also paid if you invite other people to the app.
Important Note;

You can also you the money you earned in other places like you can purchase a gift card for Walmart, Amazon, and app stores via earned Money/Funds.

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How To Transfer The Money From It?

according to the spoke person of the zynn Funds are only transferable to PayPal. However, Users are required to attain the limitations before drawing out the Money from Paypal.

It’s a Big Opportunity From Zynn To Earn Money Just By Watching videos

You cannot make easily money from any other Places zynn has brought us the opportunity to earn as much as we want just by watching videos and sharing it with other people.

Furthermore, It is easier to earn money using Zynn than using other social Media Platforms in terms of Monetization.

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Who Has Funded The Zynn App?

Zynn App has funded by Kuaishou a potent rival of Douyin which is the Chinese change of TikTok.

Moreover, Kuaishou is also a rival of ByteDance the parent company which owns TikTok.

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